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Modern Architecture

With our Part search tool you have the ability and option to ask us directly on the top quality parts that you are looking for.

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  • You can type in the Part number, and click search to see which parts are you looking for.

  • You can type in a Quantity that you are looking for and add them thru the cart.

  • You can set your own target price for us to see if we can find a solution for what you are looking for.

  • You can update or continue shopping for other parts that you might also be interested in.

  • It is also important to get in touch. we suggest to double check your e-mail address so we can respond to you right away.

  • Click the submit button after you finished the form and we will be with you as soon as we receive your electronic component inquiry


To ensure that we are providing Top quality and Cost effective service, our In-House Service provides a full suite of value added services, which include the following:

• Custom anti-counterfeiting inspection
• Custom repackaging, relabeling
• Solderability testing
• Programming
• Lead inspection
• RoHS verification testing
• Lead trimming and forming
• Baking and dry packing

We are an
ISO Certified Company

• Taping and reeling
• Shipment consolidation
• Customized reporting
• Vendor Management Inventory
• Buffering
• Kitting
• Die Inspection

Green Check
ISO Certificate
ISO Certificate
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