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The Quality & Customization in service are our driving forces in achieving the best in distribution of electronic components.

We always make sure that the quality of our parts never compromised for any cost, and We also provide Design-In Services to cater customers’ needs and requirements.


Our Authorized Distribution Team offers a variety of services related to our Franchise Product line to help you cope with the ever changing supply and demand for new and existing projects, designs and prototypes.  These services include electronic component technical support, sample support, materials usage recommendations, supply chain management and electronic components cost referencing.

By offering our Franchise Product line services, we are able to provide innovative and reliable solutions of the highest quality as well as the most competitive prices in the industry.

If you are facing technical and cost challenges and need a dedicated solution-driven team, we can assist you by recommending our parts suitable for your specific application.

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ISO Certificate
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To ensure that we are providing Top quality and Cost effective service, our In-House Service provides a full suite of value added services, which include the following:

• Custom anti-counterfeiting inspection
• Custom repackaging, relabeling
• Solderability testing
• Programming
• Lead inspection
• RoHS verification testing
• Lead trimming and forming
• Baking and dry packing

• Taping and reeling
• Shipment consolidation
• Customized reporting
• Vendor Management Inventory (VMI)
• Buffering
• Kitting
• Die Inspection

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