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Entrepreneur 100 Award for Dynamic Source

Having already won the Singapore SME 500 Award in 2023 in recognition of its outstanding performance, Dynamic Source has now been singled out for the Entrepreneur 100 Award, one of the highest distinctions for Singapore’s companies.

2023 was a very special year for Dynamic Source. One that confirmed the company’s extraordinary quality in a number of ways. As well as having satisfied customers all over the world, it received two official awards for its exceptional performance. After winning the Singapore SME 500 Award last November, Dynamic Source has now also received the Entrepreneur 100 Award. This pays tribute to Singapore’s most successful companies of the year and their ambitions, which have created growth, business innovation and inspiration within the entire sector.

Highest accolade

The Entrepreneur 100 Award is presented every year by the Association of Trade & Commerce (ATC) and is one of the highest and most prestigious distinctions in Singapore’s business community. The award is geared towards those companies who have had a far-reaching impact in addition to their commercial success. At the award ceremony, the 100 best companies are dubbed the Elites – this illustrates that they have succeeded in bringing their visions to life.


After all, setting up a company may be relatively simple but then building it into a strong, successful brand calls for courage, tenacity and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Making this dream a reality calls for a person with singular and remarkable leadership qualities – someone who can steer the company and put together an impressive management team that helps it to grow, increase its profitability and put its values into practice every day.


Winning the Entrepreneur 100 Award demonstrates that Dynamic Source has these very qualities – and that they are part of its DNA. It also shows that, even when faced with the multiple global crises over the past years, the company never stopped being a reliable partner for its customers – and always strives to raise the bar again and again. The additional attention generated by winning this award also enables Dynamic Source to create further networking opportunities in Singapore and internationally. This in turn further strengthens its long-term position as the world market leader in the distribution of electronic components.

Rigorous process

The rigorous selection process for the Entrepreneur 100 Award reflects the significance of the distinction itself. In multiple stages, submissions are examined thoroughly by means of background checks, evaluations and verifications. This involves subjecting the following areas to a detailed assessment: Entrepreneurship & Growth; Leadership & Business Management; Business Financials; Liquidity & Sustainability; Business Ethics & Trading Policies; Compliance.


The criteria that the winning company needs to meet are clearly defined. It must set high standards and fulfil them in the course of its business operations, and must also have implemented guidelines, business strategies and structures that contribute to its regional and global growth. A structured management team with clear business objectives must ensure that the company adapts to dynamic business environments. And its employees must have an in-depth knowledge of their sector. A sound financial situation and sufficient liquidity are other requirements, together with transparency, ethics and fairness. Finally, it must set high service standards within the sector and not be involved in any legal disputes.


Dynamic Source fulfils all of these conditions. This means that winning the Entrepreneur 100 Award is confirmation of its success – not just in 2023 but in the future as well. After all, there’s no doubt that resting on its laurels is definitely not part of its plans..

Text: Michi Reichelt Photos: Dynamic Source & Unsplash


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