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As a distributor of electronic components, the products that Dynamic Source distributes are “articles” under the European REACH Regulations (197 SVHCS).

As we do not manufacture any products, we are not aware of the chemicals included in the manufacturing process, unless communicated by the manufacturer or our source of supply to us.  

The components that we distribute are in general not designed to release any substances during use.  

The products that we provide may only in rare situations contain a concentration of a Candidate List substance in a concentration of more than 0.1% w/w. For details, we refer to the manufacturer’s specifications.

There are therefore only limited information obligations under REACH applicable to the products we provide.

We are however aware of our responsibility to pass on relevant information about Candidate List substances under REACH, when required, and we are committed to do our best to comply with all relevant information requirements under REACH.

We are also committed to handle any customer requests for REACH information regarding the specific products we provide with diligence. 

Dynamic Source (S) Pte Ltd.,
20 Kaki Bukit Crescent Singapore

​T: +65-6745-9880
F: +65-6745-8390

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