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Resilient supply chains provide security

Situations like the COVID-19 pandemic have drawn attention to the global economy’s dependency on functioning supply chains and the resulting impact on our everyday lives. In the electronics sector, Dynamic Source makes a crucial contribution to securing supplies and quality.


We are living in volatile times. The energy crisis, climate change, adjustments in consumer behaviour… All these are currently creating a huge feeling of insecurity in the global economy – without even mentioning the COVID-19 pandemic that itself kept the world on tenterhooks for years. And if you add the problems encountered on important transport routes, like at present on the Panama Canal or in 2021 on the Suez Canal, it becomes quite clear that supply chains are a particular challenge for risk management.


Besides this, in recent years online trade has undergone rapid development – and the demands on product shipping have grown with it. Quick, safe deliveries all over the world are more in demand than ever before, linked to resilient supply chains with perfect warehouse and logistics networks. As the world’s largest national economy, the USA has now responded to these circumstances by even establishing the Council on Supply Chain Resilience, which is chaired by the National Security Advisor and the National Economic Advisor, and which integrates various US departments.

US initiative to create resilient supply chains

“Supply chains can be made more resilient,” the White House observes. For example, supply chains with a larger number of input suppliers are more easily able to switch to alternative suppliers if a major supplier encounters problems. “A resilient supply chain is one that can easily adapt or recover when faced with economic shocks,” the White House issue brief reads.


The US government initiative has received widespread support from the electronics industry. Establishing the Council doesn’t only strengthen the United States national economy, it also especially highlights the global significance of stable supply chains for electronics, which have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives together with the “DNA of modern technologies”: microchips. These are an essential component of every computer on the planet, and they are vital for transportation and household appliances as well. And so it is quite clear: problems in the supply chains of electronic components affect us all. They disrupt our professional lives, our mobility, and our eating habits.

Dynamic Source: Reliable partner in volatile times

Never before has resilient, stable distribution of electronic components been as important as it is today. In our current times, all over the world customers need to be able to rely on their products arriving  on time. And that means not just receiving the correct goods, but ensuring a high level of quality as well. Companies need to be able to rely on perfect distribution – and this has long been provided by Dynamic Source. As the world’s leading distributor of electronic components, the company has over 27 years of experience in the industry and a product range that includes millions of electronic components.


“Our network of partners all around the world enables us to reliably supply what customers need,” explains Dynamic Source CEO George Chan. “Besides our headquarters in Singapore, we have international offices in Korea, Taiwan, China, the Philippines, Thailand, India, Europe and the USA. This enables us to fulfil our customers’ expectations. We have over 100,000 products in stock, which allows us to process and ship every order quickly.” This includes components that are outdated or no longer produced, says Chan. “Either we have it in stock, or we can find it.”


A dependable familyOne of the pillars of the success enjoyed by Dynamic Source is their customers’ feeling that they are working with a reliable partner right from the outset. The company’s excellent reputation and very special commitment allows them to work with some of the biggest names in the industry. This is also reflected by the Singapore SME 500 Award, which Dynamic Source recently received. The Award is confirmation of their reliable distribution and outstanding quality in difficult times. And it opens the door to further international business networks, enhancing the resilience of the Dynamic Source supply chains even further.


George Chan: “Our success is mainly rooted in our corporate culture, which over the years has made Dynamic Source into what it is today. We are a dependable family of dedicated specialists who strive to solve the problems of our customers. Quality and customized service are the driving forces behind our endeavours to provide the best distribution of electronic components.”



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